Saturday, April 3, 2021

For Holy Saturday, an Unholy Mess

 Since it's the Easter season, I figured I'd continue the theme of my Good Friday post, and continue to cover the right-wing's obsession with all things infernal.  Today's demon-obsessed lunatic is claiming that Joe Biden has a 'demonic hedge of protection' around Joe Biden and 'the leftists' that allows them to steal both votes AND children... the demon-protected pinkos will even 'have womanhood' itself erased:

I usually try to avoii being 'looksist', but that guy looks like he'd have been be riddled with arrows during the Scouring of the Shire. Besides having an orcish visage, he has an orcish theology. I was raised in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church, and this obsession with demons, and magical powers seems heretical- it seems to contradict the conception of an omnipotent, omniscient God.  I read a recent comment on a Twitter thread by some wag (I wish I'd bookmarked it) to the effect that the fundamentalist evangelical view of the Devil owes more to video games like Diablo than it does to the Bible, or Thomas Aquinas.  Rather than being a source of temptation, preying on human proclivities, their Devil is a secondary deity with magical powers which could conceivably pose a threat to God's preeminence.  Their demons can actually thwart the will of God, say by erecting a hedge of protection that deflects dank right-wing memes from causing people to hate Joe Biden.  If I had any religious inclinations at all, I would characterize this as heretical.  It sure ain't Aquinas!

Of course, these people believe that they play a central role in this existential battle of Good and Evil... the very notion of a 'humble' Christian is a farce, these people are egotistical LARPers who think they are Big Damn Heroes because they want to persecute LGBTQ people and non-believers (or even believers of 'suspect' denominations).  It's no wonder that some of them are actual Flat-Earthers.  The whole world would be a happier place if these weirdos just learned how to play D&D.

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