Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Holiest Day of the Liturgical Calendar,, so What Gives?

 Easter Sunday- the holiest day of the liturgical calendar, the commemoration of the divine/human entity that is Jesus Christ, conquering death itself and redeeming fallen humanity.  This is the centerpiece of the Christian faith, the one mystery which is paramount over all others... what's this, then?!?!?

 That's not a trinity!!! The eagle is an especially nice touch, given Trump's fear of the birds.

It's amazing how thoroughly shitposting culture has so totally overtaken right-wingers.  Everything is now a 'meme' to 'own the libs', even at the expense of any orthodoxy that they may have once espoused.  Sexual misconduct is okay, as long as 'their guy' is doing it, blasphemy is no big deal, as long as it elevates Trump over all, and everything is obfuscated by so many layers of ironic detachment that I can't even tell if something like this is leftist satire or not.

I don't even know why these people consider themselves Christian anymore, they don't follow any of the teachings of the Gentle Nazarene.  I know, their ancestors professed a Christian faith, and it's hard to shake off tradition, but they haven't been sincere followers of Christ since, oh, about 313.  They even erected an idol of Trump at this year's CPAC.  These people should just give up any pretense of Christianity and embrace the God-Emperor cult, itself a product of shitposting.  Now, THAT guy wouldn't turn the other cheek!  

Anyway, happy Easter to my Christian readers, and happy MAGAmas to devotees of the once-and-future God-Emperor to any MAGAs hate-reading this.  Maybe you guys can dye your skin instead of eggs, and hide a bunch of indictments of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta for your kids to find.

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Richard said...

Thanks for that link. The other day we saw one of those eagles and i started laughing. My companion had not seen one before.
What a beautiful big bird! What is it? Why are you laughing?
My friend had not ever seen one before. I was laughing because
of this video. Someone should make a mix of birds terrorizing despots.