Saturday, April 10, 2021

Vacation's Over, Missy!

 There are certain VIP employees who get privileges not extended to the rank-and-file workers, essential personnel who nevertheless get a couple of month's vacation with accommodations provided by management.  So it is with my co-worker Ginger, the head of our Rodent Abatement Team, who returned to work yesterday after spending a couple of months at a manager's apartment:


As much as I missed her, I am glad that she wasn't onsite when we had three feet of snow on the ground, especially during the three-day stretch during which we were buried under two feet of snow.  While Ginger's usual accommodations are perfect for a cat, they are a bit 'rustic', so a few weeks spent with All Mod Cons was a good change of pace for her (it also allowed us to turn the heat down in her usual spot to fifty, which is pretty much minimum for ensuring the pipes don't freeze).

Now that she's back, I'm grateful for the companionship.  I imagine she's happy to be able to accompany me while I Scooby Doo (is too a verb) around the property, and she reconnoiters her demense.  I'm also glad to be able to provide the spicy Ginger content that everybody craves.


Ali Redford said...

Yay!! Welcome back, Ginger!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I am so happy she's back, work is just more fun with her around.