Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Whatever Happened to 'Support the Troops'?

This post is a companion post to the post about right-wingers loving stolen valor, a sort of flip-side to that post. Right-wingers, despite the 'support the troops' narrative they used as a cudgel against anyone who protested the Iraq War, have no qualms about denigrating the service of anyone who incurs their wrath. The latest attack by Republicans on a decorated active-duty serviceman is the maltreatment of Lt Col Alexander Vindman by congresscreeps:

So much for 'thank you for your service' and all the usual platitudes... these assholes have no respect for the uniform. Meanwhile, they would be the first to complain if Democrats had lambasted Lt Col Oliver North for wearing his dress uniform in the Capitol, and HE was the one who was being investigated.

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Kdus232425 said...

As it should be "...these assholes have no respect for the uniform."
Assholes like Vindman and North are dime a dozen in the military and they share the bizarre penchant for narcissistic displays with their uniforms and expecting others to cover their asses for their missteps.
Says me, a retired officer.