Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Plutocrats Don't Do 'Omertà'

I don't know what Trump expected Gordon Sondland to say during his testimony on Capitol Hill, but Sondland is a billionaire, so the very notion that he would chance going to jail for Vulgarmort is laughable. Sondland donated a million dollars to Trump's inaugural committee, suggesting that he was buying Trump, or at the very least what was supposed to be a cushy ambassadorship. One does not make a million dollar payment to someone in order to be their lackey.

I get the distinct idea that Sondland is not happy to be the one forced to answer questions. He's a wealthy man, not the sort of guy to be called out on the carpet. I am actually enjoying the discomfiture of people who aren't used to self-doubt or fear for their future. Whatever Sondland expected he'd get for his million dollars, he just didn't count on getting screwed by Trump, like a common construction worker, or small New Jersey contractor. He's not going to go down with the Trumptanic, though, that's the sort of thing only a coffee boy would do.

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