Monday, November 18, 2019

The Subtle Approach

During my wanderings in New York City, I ran across a hilarious flyer posted on a column in a subway station. In a cock-blocking move, I detached it and brought it home because I found it so hilarious. I can't understand how any 'females' could resist this offer for any of a number of kinds of dates:

I mean, ladies just love 'one nite stands', from what I've heard, and cheeseburger dates and cigarette meet dates are all the rage. For 'females' of both East and West Indies, there's always the roti date... who doesn't want to go on a roti date?

I hope I didn't squash the date-seekers prospects, because I haven't seen any more of these flyers since. I may have been a little cruel here... at least I didn't catfish the guy, though come to think of it, I really could use a delicious conch roti right about now.


Li'l Innocent said...

Female here... and this shoots me back to the heyday of local newspaper personals ads here in the Jersey 'burbs, late 70s-80s style. My all-time fave was one published by an "Italian Stallion", very upbeat in tone, which finished, "Ladies! You won't be sorry!"

Sirius Lunacy said...

Hey, at least the cheeseburger date is deluxe! Who could resist that?