Friday, November 22, 2019

Trouble in Paradise MAGAland

Via Will Sommer, we have a somewhat sad, though undeniably hilarious, account of a schism among the MAGA crowd. As all good tragicomedies seem to be, this tale unfolded in a Denny's, where a MAGA Meetup group learned that a rival, farther-right group was staked out outside the Denny's, seeking a confrontation:

Sunday Afternoon at Denny's from Xavier Rotnofsky on Vimeo.

At first, I thought that this video might be a 'mockumentary', but further scrutiny revealed that the cast was, indeed, a coterie actual of Trump aficianados, including Republican congressional candidate. Errol Webber, who noped the fuck out via the backdoor before a kerfuffle could ensue. Among the neo-nazis outside, the red-bearded, famine resistant guy is a well-known troublemaker, and the man and woman in the 'Old Glory' clothes are these assholes. Yeah, this bad sitcom episode is the real deal.

The best line of the whole video is "These people are Nazis? So what do they have against us? I mean, we're pro... I mean, we're not..." This guy gives the whole game away.

It's only six minutes and eleven seconds, but it's chock-full of Primo Content... I don't know the whole context of the conflict, and I really don't care enough to get to know these assholes better than I do (I already know way too much about the more notorious of these creeps). I do, though, love the fact that they are fighting among themselves, the fact that they hate each other almost as much as they hate us.

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