Wednesday, November 27, 2019

He Wants Your Family to Be as Dysfunctional as His

Is there anybody on the planet more pathetic than Donald Trump, Jr? He is every bit as overweening as his father, and with even fewer accomplishments. This week's disgusting DJTJr moment is his suggestion that his followers pick fights with their liberal relatives at Thanksgiving dinner in order to 'trigger' them, and to videotape the results in order to win a copy of his book and a MAGA hat. Donald is the product of a dysfunctional family, headed up by an abusive ogre, and he now wants your family to be as dysfunctional as his is. Remember when the Republicans tried to portray themselves as 'the party of family values'?

Now, regarding the word 'triggered'... the current usage of the word was initially meant to warn survivors of trauma that certain materials could cause them to relive painful moments. The people who were the intended recipients of trigger warnings are people who have gone through hellish experiences, and made it through, albeit not unscathed. The idea that the rotten rich scion of a corrupt family would use this term as a pejorative only makes him even more disgusting than he's always been. None of the Trump family members could have survived the vicissitudes that PTSD sufferers have.

Junior's challenge is just gross, and his implicit denigration of survivors just makes it worse. My advice to anyone whose MAGA relatives try to bait them for Junior's 'challenge' is to loudly mock any pretense of 'Republican family values'. It's a holiday, not a day to play along with some rich sadist's nasty plan.

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Lady M said...

There is nothing about the Trump family worthy of respect. They are just a pack of lying cons.