Sunday, July 21, 2019

Meanwhile, Back on Earth

This weekend, I found myself the victim of a Chinese hoax. Put succinctly, it’s been hot as balls. Today, the mercury hit 98, with the humidity making it feel like 105. I tried to limit my outdoor time, but my job involves spending quite a bit of time outdoors, so I coped by drinking a lot of cold water before stepping outside. Still, each day I sweat through a couple of shirts. It was a relief each day when everyone else went home, and I could sit in my office without a shirt. The dress code, like the hospitality standards, goes to hell at a certain time of night.

The heat wave is finally subsiding, as a cold front is moving in, bringing rain. I’ll be off tomorrow while the promised rainstorm hits its full fury. Given the conditions I worked under all weekend, I’ve got a bunch of musty smelling shirts to launder.


Ali Redford said...

Well, enjoy your day off, and the lesser heat and humidity! It's pretty nice here in S. Kansas this morning after that went through, so you're in for a treat once the storms pass! :-)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks, the weekend was pretty damn gross.