Saturday, July 6, 2019

Rightwing Reverse Ouroboros

Today, there was supposed to be a big right-wing 'free speech' rally in Washington D.C., which had already promised to be a shitshow due to infighting. It turned out to be even more embarrassing than anyone expected, with various speakers crying about Tinder bans, trying to pull off failed stunts, and infighting. Besides being characterized by pettiness and disunity, the entire program really smacks of involving only the Extremely Online. Thankfully, the day wasn't marred by the sort of violence which usually erupts in places like Portland, but I wouldn't be surprised if the youngish right-wing crowd goes looking to beat up lone pedestrians after their post-rally drinking. If I were a DC native, I'd use cicrumspection while downtown tonight... after a failed rally and a few drinks, I imagine the frustration level is pretty high among the MAGA-types.

With yet another failure of a hyped event, the alt-right is looking even more incompetent than usual- they are a reverse Ouroboros, a snake with its head wedged up its cloaca.

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bowtiejack said...

" Reverse Ouroboros". Great insight. Than ks.