Sunday, July 14, 2019

Return of the ICE Age

Back in June, I wrote about my Peruvian friend discussing how proposed ICE raids had cast a pall over the local Hispanic community. Trump postponed the raids until this weekend, but either due to a slow rollout or desensitization among the immigrant community, this round of raids doesn't seem to have caused a similar panic. In contrast to that June morning, the topic of ICE raids never came up in our conversation this morning, which revolved around more mundane matters.

Two ICE raids yesterday, in NYC's East Harlem and Sunset Park neighborhoods, were unsuccessful, and the ACLU has disseminated information about dealing with raids. I only know about what's going on in my circle of friends, but it seems that these actual raids just haven't inspired the same sort of fears as the previously announced ones, or maybe the fears have been normalized, merely a part of the general background angst that characterizes this current era.

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