Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Pit of Depravity Gets Deeper

What possibly could make Jeffrey Epstein, child-raper, pimp, and human trafficker, seem even more depraved? Seems like he also planned on starting a breeding program on his ranch, and we’re not talking about racehorses. Apparently, he told acquaintances that he wanted to maintain a stable of women, by which he no doubt meant underaged girls, to impregnate. He’s gone beyond ‘Bond Villain’ status to ‘full-on Neo-Nazi eugenicist’ status.

The real weird thing is that he still maintained a ‘salon’ of intellectuals around himself, even though he had long passed the Medici phase, through the Borgia phase, eventually hitting Caligula status. He claimed a connection to Harvard (NOTE: Better Dead than Crimson), but it’s odd that such public figures as Alan Dershowitz and Steven Pinker would have spent so much time defending him.

I’d like to think that this atrocity can’t get any more disgusting, but I’m not really holding out any hope.

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