Saturday, July 13, 2019

Not Exactly an Alien Invasion

My take on extraterrestrial life is that I have no doubt that it exists, given the vastness of the universe, but that no intelligent extraterrestrials have visited this island Earth. I do, however, sometimes read up on UFO conspiracy culture because this sort of bad sci-fi appeals to me almost as much as good sci-fi does. Apparently, there had been hopes that Trump, an 'outsider', would reveal the 'truth' about UFOs, but that didn't materialize, to the disappointment of True Believers.

Besides the earnest UFO 'researchers', there are the shitposters, the sort of pranksters who set up a Facebook page for a mass videogame style 'raid' on Area 51. Joking that 'they can't kill us all', over half-a-million respondents have stated that they want to 'Leroy Jenkins' their way onto the restricted military base. My belief that any of these people are serious is even lesser than my belief that ETs have buzzed the planet, given the difficulty of moving that number of people to a remote desert site in Nevada, meaning that the Area 51 staff would actually be able to kill them all.

Speaking of aliens, the SFFaudio Podcast did a fun episode on Alien, the movie's antecedents, and media franchises inspired by the movie. A few years back, I covered the same territory in a blog post... given that the movie is now forty years old, I really should re-watch it. That's a better way to spend a July afternoon than sitting in plastic cuffs in the heat of the Nevada desert.

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