Monday, July 8, 2019

SDNY Steps Up When Florida Fails

The biggest local story is today's biggest national story- the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges. It looks like the Southern District of New York will hold Epstein accountable for his crime spree after Florida dropped the ball, in a case which looks like an egregious quid pro quo.

The real story here is the probability that Epstein was procuring minors for wealthy, connected men, including current and former presidents. I'm with Tengrain, this is not a matter of politics... anyone found guilty of abusing minors should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I'm hoping that Epstein takes down a bunch of predators with him.

While I am not surprised that powerful individuals are engaging in the sexual abuse of minors (it's about power over), I don't believe that there's a satanic cabal that sacrifices and eats children. Evil is more banal that fantasists believe it is... this is sordid and mundane, a crime of men, not devils.

Hopefully, the Southern District of New York can put Epstein away for the rest of his life... this sort of task can't be trusted to Florida Man.

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