Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Virginia Bound

Today is a travel day- I'm heading down to northern Virginia for a family visit. Mom's birthday is coming up, and I haven't seen my sister and her kids in a while. Special thanks to my co-worker for swapping a Monday shift for a Thursday shift so I could be around for mom's actual natal day. I've already been tasked with some yardwork- laying down some topsoil and spreading grass seed where mom had an emerald ash borer stricken tree removed from her yard. I have already accomplished another task, a self-imposed one, namely buying up the entire stock of Vita pickled herring in sour cream from a local supermarket because mom can't find it in Virginia stores. A cooler full of herring isn't exactly traditional road-trip accompaniment, but this boy knows his mom.

I have set up a couple of posts, but I will be back in New York in time for Friday's shift (barring any untoward events). Here's hoping the traffic won't be horrendous!

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