Friday, April 12, 2019

Their Trollery Assumes We Hate Like They Do

The Trump Maladministration is pretty much nothing but a campaign to 'trigger the liberals', one way of looking at Trump's governance (though the kleptocracy is paramount over everything else) is as a phthonocracy- government policy as spite. A recent revelation of Trump's efforts to spite the libs is the proposal to ship migrants to from detention centers to sanctuary cities. While primarily an effort to swamp local governments and NGO's that help out migrants, I suspect that it was also an attempt to show up liberals as hypocrites who don't want migrants in their own backyards. Thankfully, a bunch of Democratic mayors have indicated that they are fine with accepting an influx of refugees. We just don't hate like the MAGA crowd.

For me, this is a personal issue. I have a friend who emigrated from Nicaragua- she used to be a cashier at a local Stop and Shop, but was promoted to assistant manager. She is absolutely lovely, a hard working woman with strong family values, exactly the sort of neighbor I would want. I wouldn't mind having more Central Americans in the neighborhood... the closest pupseria to me is across the city, where parking can be a hassle.

On an earnest note, I am on record as saying that I believe that the United States has a moral obligation to help out the nations in Central America that have engendered the refugee crisis. The US armed a lot of the right-wing militias that spawned the gangs that plague these nations, and now is not the time to cut aid to Central America... not if you are a competent administration.


Ali Redford said...

Thank you-this is perfect, as you write it here.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks, Ali. It had to be said.