Monday, April 29, 2019

The Fear and the Smear

Pete Buttigieg poses a threat to the religious right... he's an openly gay veteran of the armed services who articulates a liberal Christianity which is more in line with the Gospels than the Robertson/Swaggert/Graham right-wing version, the version which appeals to people who would execute the Gentle Nazarene for being a commie subversive. Pete Buttigieg scares them so much that there has already been a smear campaign against him. Thankfully, it was attempted by the stupidest 'dirty tricksters' to ever walk this planet, the same ones who tried to portray Robert Mueller as a sexual predator. This smear campaign was particularly vile, it was an attempt to portray Mr Buttigieg as a sexual predator, an anti-LGBTQ calumny that has largely been rejected by mainstream culture. At least the young man that the dirty tricksters tried to bamboozle into participating in their smear campaign has spoken out against them, even as the broader right-wing media tried to give the story legs.

For a bunch of people who claim to follow the literal word of the Bible, these assholes sure love to bear false witness. It's this sort of religious right hypocrisy which has resulted in non-affiliation now being one of the biggest and certainly the fastest growing group in the US religious landscape. Maybe if the Christian churches followed the lead of Pete Buttigieg, they wouldn't find their pews emptying out.


Vixen Strangely said...

The funny old thing about the bad faith Wohl's rodent copulation represents is that it is so enshrined in right wing culture. From McCarthyism to the "Clinton Body Count" to James O'Keefe, some people will pretend the smear had merit to "own the libs" regardless of how meritless and fake.

It would do my heart good to see Wohl basically sued into the phantom dimension, though.

Bea said...

Wohl and his ilk really do leave a bad taste one's mouth.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, the whole right-wing culture is a toxic stew of conspiracy theories and character assassination.