Sunday, April 28, 2019

Night of the Bigwigs

On a typical workday, I wear what is normally described as 'business casual', a collared shirt and a pair of sturdy 'work' trousers... I have one of those weird jobs which involves some 'public facing' work and some Scooby-Dooing around outdoors (oftimes in a pretty damn swampy environment). I typically pack a change of clothes because of the amount of time I spend outdoors in all sorts of weather.

Tonight, it's going to be jacket and tie, what my mom jocularly refers to in military fashion as 'dress blues, tennis shoes, and a light coat of oil'. The board of directors of the not-for-profit for which I work is meeting at my principal workplace. Besides the annual board meeting, the event is a rollout for a major project, so there will be a presentation about the project and a dinner. I imagine much of my night will involve running interference for the caterers and the cleaning contractors... pointing out outlets and unlocking doors. One of the development staffers from the main office will be working with me. We get along famously, she met her husband in one of the bars down the street from my place, so we are simpatico. For the record, she's a hoot, she has a great sense of humor, even under stressful conditions (the last event we worked together was during a torrential downpour, when the basement of the building flooded and the parking lot was under six inches of not-so-clean water). I checked the forecast today, and it might rain a little.

As usual, I will be packing a change of clothes- after the mucky-mucks leave, it's back through the woodsy area to the building where Ginger is handling her mousing duties, and I don't want to get my dry-clean only clothes muddy. I gave her a double-ration of cat food before leaving last night to tide her over until I can feed her when the VIPs leave, but I imagine she'll be hankering for some kibble. Sure, I will have been dealing with the Board of Directors, but I know who my real boss is.

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