Friday, December 14, 2018

Six Years, No Progress

Six years ago, practically in my backyard, twenty children and the six teachers and administrators who defended them were slain by a disturbed young man whose mother stockpiled guns out of fear of her neighbors should an economic collapse have occurred. I was hit hard by the news of the massacre, having to spend the next morning with children, many of them the approximate age of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The very idea of harming helpless little kids is unspeakably horrifying.

In the six years since the Sandy Hook slayings, things have not gotten better. 2018 surpassed other years in terms of school shootings. No legislation regulating gun purchases and possession can pass the Republican dominated Congress and the Dotard's veto pen. A growing number of Americans want gun regulations, but the, as Dashiell Hammett would have put it, red harvest continues. I'd characterize it as an intractable problem, but there is a potential solution, and that would be putting the Republican Party out of our misery... our ballots vs their bullets.

Oddly enough, as I was hitting 'Publish', I realized that this song was playing on the radio:

It never made me melancholy before.

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