Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Just a Quick Thought on the Border Wall

I'm headed down to Brooklyn for this month's Secret Science Club lecture, so I don't have time for a detailed post. Before heading off to the 4 Train terminus in Woodlawn, I figured I'd post a quick observation...

Besides the fact that he made it a central point of his presidential campaign, I believe that there is another reason for Trump's insistence on the construction of a border wall- he knows that, with a five billion dollar construction project handled with no-bid contracts, he stands to get millions in kickbacks. His greed perfectly explains his urgency.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

0)i look forward to your secret science summary - looking at the link, i see it is age-restricted - 21 and up - apparently because of where it is held

1)although you may be right about greed for money being a border wall motivation for trump, i think the hatred and fear of his base for the foreigner is, by itself, enough to explain his commitment to the cause - he has no principles, but he and his base have prejudices

2)a comment by me was posted at the nytimes for the frank bruni op-ed piece titled 'the most powerful reject in the world' yesterday:

I wish that many, many people would send compassionate good wishes to Mr Trump, pray for him if you follow a theistic tradition, meditate using the Tibetan tonglen practice directed toward him, keep in mind that he, like us, is a suffering potentially sentient being.

i admit this is a difficult practice - i can do it only for brief times myself

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks, mistah charley. It's 21 and older because it's in a bar, and alcohol is served. I always juggle a beer and my notepad when I attend.

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