Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bonespurs Goes to Baghdad

In a surprise move, Cadet Bonespurs decided to visit American military personnel in a combat zone, and the reviews are mixed- even some conservative pundits are dinging his performance. The worst thing about the visit is that Trump compromised the identities of members of SEAL Team Five
conducting covert operations in the region by tweeting out a video of his visit. This is, as Jon Stewart would put it, a Mess-o-potamia. Adding insult to injury, he falsely claimed that he would be giving military personnel a ten percent raise.

Meanwhile, in Internet Crazy Town, some of the MAGAnons are fantasizing that Trump left the US so he would be safe while his 'good guys' are purging the Deep State... go far enough into the rabbit hole, and they are salivating at the prospect of Obummer and Hitlery ending up in Gitmo. In a cute bit of goalpost moving, they are now claiming that the 'D5' reference they used to interpret as meaning December 5th (when the Criminal Elite or Illuminati or Lizard People would all be arrested at Bush 41's funeral) now refers to the fifth day of the government shutdown. I expect there will be a lot of unhappy conspiracy theorists tomorrow- will their bloodlust ever be slaked?

Regarding the post title, I know he actually went to Al Asad Airbase, but I decided to use poetic license to get that alliteration I love so much, and to pay tribute to one of the few overtly political songs my beloved Ramones recorded:

Dearest Joey spoke for all of us: "My brain is hanging upside down."


John Smith said...

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mikey said...


No. He did NOT compromise the identities or location of SEAL team 5. It takes very minimal research to determine that those are Air Force SpecOps troops, most likely based there at al-Asad.

1.) Wrong Camies for SEALs. Those are the AOR1 Digital Desert camos - it's not unheard of for Navy SpecOps to wear them, but it would be very odd.

2.) The only person with a Naval Special Warfare insignia - the SEAL Trident usually referred to as 'The Budweiser' isn't in that picture at all, but is sitting with the President at the table.

3.)Equipment. The SEALs haven't used the antiquated AN/PVS-23 NVGs in many years. They use the Level 3 GPNVG-18 ANVIS system, and have been using it before the raid that killed bin Laden.

There are a number of other clues, but you get the idea. This is an Air Force Special Ops team that happens to be based where the President went.

For someone who is so often critical of the media, you sure seem to love it when the narrative fits your worldview. Then there's no need for fact checking, I guess...