Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Light, a Glow Over the Horizon

Leaving the Stop and Shop around half past nine tonight, I saw an unprecedented blue-white glow backlighting the houses on the hill to the south of the parking lot. It was pronounced enough to inspire a young couple to record it using their phone cameras. My first reaction was 'Oh, shit, some bad mojo is going down.' In this case, it was a transformer explosion at a Con Ed facility in Astoria, Queens... dubbed by some wag the Astoria Borealis. Listening to the news radio, this problem has caused delays on the number 7 subway line and shut down LaGuardia Airport for some time.

Videos from locations closer to the event are quite dramatic. The news reports indicate that nobody was hurt in the event, but there were power outages. Personally, the lesson I take away from this is that our tax dollars would be better spent on an updated electrical infrastructure rather than a vanity wall on our southern border.

Post title is lifted from a song with a silly video.

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