Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Calls for Sedition Are Coming from Inside the House

It's damning footage, the images of Georgia representative Barry Loudermilk leading a tour of individuals (who later ended up storming the Capitol) through the various Congressional office buildings and the Capitol itself: 

The optics aren't so good, especially the scenes of these creeps taking photographs of security checkpoints and stairways... not exactly tourist stuff.  The video from the following day, in which one of these monsters shows off a spear improvised from a flagpole, while calling for Nancy Pelosi's scalp, only drives home the horror:

This certainly looks like sedition to me, and Loudermilk should be dragged off in cuffs and leg irons for his role in the insurrection... it sure looks to me as if he enabled a reconnaissance of the vicinity in advance of the attack, an attack which probably would have proved fatal for Democratic lawmakers. 

Thank goodness he was providing intelligence to people of little intelligence.

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