Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Happy Birthday, Sis

Today, I commemorate the birthday of my super sarcastic sister, nerd extraordinaire and bestower of nicknames (she was the one who dubbed my older brother Sweetums and my youngest brother Gomez, both 'nyms which have stuck).  She is currently in the process of settling in back in Northern Virginia, where she'd lived for a long stint, after a two year stint in the SF Bay area, which she didn't enjoy... she's too much of a curmudgeonly Yankee to really like California.  It's also nice that she'll be living a half hour's drive from Mom.

I texted back and forth with her a bit.  She and the family are doing well- the youngest is enrolled in Tae Kwon Do classes, and her middle child is working crazy hours during his summer break.  Her oldest is in LA with the Space Force, the perfect situation for the son of two literal rocket scientists.  Besides the hectic nature of moving cross-country, things are going well.

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