Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Return of a Fan Favorite

Longtime readers will be happy to know that my beloved Ginger has returned to work.  She's still cone-laden, but my coworker who took her home for her convalescence left town for a couple of days, so he brought her back, though she is under 'house arrest' for two or three more days, when the vet will evaluate her and, most likely, remove the cone.  

Ginger is like the kid who had the accident late in the school year, and has to spend summer vacation in a cast.  Here she is, begging to be let out, which is a no-no under her current circumstances:

Right now, she is confined to the building which houses the employee break room (she also has the run of an activity room and the building's spacious basement). The cone definitely cramps her style, though- it impedes the catlike grace which is supposed to be her birthright.

It's nice to have Ginger back, but it's a shame that we can't have any adventures together onsite.  Hopefully, by the weekend, we'll be on the scout around the grounds, without cones or stitches to cramp Ginger's style.


Richard said...

Tiger, tiger
Burning Bright
In the forest of the night!

Okay now that i have dropped
this little poetic turd
right here on the floor

I will go back to wondering
Who was William Blake?

Ali Redford said...

It's good to see Ginger again!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I was happy to see my miniature Tiger. She's a sweet cat.