Saturday, June 4, 2022

He's Supposed to Be One of the Smart Ones

I'm a 'better dead than crimson' kind of guy, and every so often my contempt for that institution is vindicated, and I'm not even prepared to go into the really egregious stuff today.  Right now, I'm just talking about a guy who is supposed to be a right-wing intellectual, whose main claim to fame is 'destroying' college libs with 'facts and logic', but whose actual debate tactic is a Gish Gallop.  Yeah, I'm talking about Republican wunderkind Ben Shapiro, who has some thoughts about school shootings:

He even invokes his vaunted 'logic' in his bizarre rant, though he sounds deranged, especially when he says that he's 'unaware of any situation in which the threat of a good guy with a gun has not ended a situation with a bad guy with a gun '.  Ben is notably ignorant, or perhaps wants to bury the existence of that right-wing terrorist altogether.

Ben is supposed to be one of the 'smart ones', but he's deranged- what kind of loon would think that broaching this topic is a smart rhetorical move?  Ben's an idiot, but that's been apparent for years.  Like I said, I'm a 'better dead than crimson' kind of guy, and practically every day proves me right.

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Richard said...

Thanks for the "better dead than crimson" link. I did not understand that reference at all.