Saturday, June 11, 2022

Sanctuary in NYC's Southeastern Suburbs

The Biden administration still manages to surprise me in pleasant ways, such as the proposed creation of a marine sanctuary in the Hudson Canyon, an underwater trench approximately 100 miles (180 kilometers) southeast of New York City.  The Hudson Canyon originated as the former mouth of the Hudson River, carved out by erosion during the Ice Age, when ocean levels were lower than the present levels.

The video from NOAA concerning this announcement is gorgeous:

A few years back, I attended a special presentation at Yonkers' own Hudson River Museum which celebrated the Hudson River, including a topographic representation of the New York Bight, including the Hudson Canyon.  The Hudson Canyon also came up in a couple of Secret Science Club lectures, one by Columbia University's Dr Vicki Ferrini about mapping the ocean floor, and one by Dr Mercer Brugler of CUNY's City Tech about using submersibles to explore the ocean depths.  It's gratifying to see the Biden Administration moving to protect this region, so close to the metro area I love so much, and the interesting, diverse residents of this suburban neighborhood.