Friday, June 3, 2022

Jersey Bound

Today will be a busy day.  My baby brother, Gomez, and his family will be in Northern New Jersey because my niece is playing in a hockey tournament all weekend.  She's a whiz on the ice, as well as being an academic powerhouse.  Her dad played hockey in high school, and currently plays in an adult league, as well as working part-time as a referee.

I have to work, but will be able to meet them after the first game for dinner.  I haven't seen them since before the pandemic started, since they came to visit NYC in Summer 2019.  We had a blast back then, and I'm sure tonight will be a lot of fun... I just have to look up places to dine in the greater Wayne, New Jersey vicinity.  The only business I know of in Wayne is the now-closed lawn ornament place these guys took their name from:

 Jersey being the Land of Diners, I'm sure I'll find a spot pretty easily.

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