Thursday, June 16, 2022

Chalk Repatriation

What a difference a year and a half makes... back in Fall 2020, I pilfered requisitioned a box of sidewalk chalk from the art supplies of the children's activity center of one of our sites so I could draw social distancing marks on the pavement outside of my principal workplace, a polling site, for the November 2020 elections.  Knowing that it would be a big day, with many voters coming to the site, I prepped the place in advance, marking out six foot intervals and opening up a side door to maintain an one-way flow of foot traffic.  Those were the fraught days, before the vaccine rollout... they were politically fraught days too.

This year, we are reintroducing events that had been canceled during the height of the pandemic, beginning with a family-friendly event which is to take place next month.  Not having a need for the box of chalk at my principal workplace, I will be repatriating the sidewalk chalk... back to its proper place in the children's activity center art supply.

The chalk served me well.  It served the public well.  I was able to draw cheerful rainbow social distance markers to enhance the safety of the local voters.  Now, it's time for our young attendees to use the chalk.  I have no doubt that it will serve them well.

It's been a strange two years, it's nice to feel that some return to normality is taking place.

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