Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Another Kitchen Ordeal, Courtesy of Fox

Via Tengrain, we have a Fox segment about the travails of living under California's environmental regulations which actually reveals the complete culinary ineptitude of the Fox entertainers:

My favorite bit is the bullshit about the '45 minute fried egg'. That sounds more like a sacrifice to a volcano god.

 Now, a real pro doesn't even need a stove to cook, but then again, this fine fellow was a true-blue liberal:

Fox cooking segments tend to be disastrous, because of the stupidity of the individuals involved.  I'm reminded of those old Ronco commercials, which made routine tasks look fraught with angst, peril even.  My favorite Fox cooking segment involved Diamond and Silk making a 'no sugar added' banana pudding, with hilarity ensuing:


I'm sure you all see the flaw in that technically true 'no sugar added' claim...  I also love their distinction between 'Nilla Wafers and vanilla wafers, though that's not as stupid as a forty-five minute fried egg.


Richard said...

Vincent Price was a naughty man. Another one of a kind.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He was the best. A fantastic actor, a witty raconteur, and a crusader for human rights.