Monday, January 31, 2022

Taking the Scam to the Next Level

MAGA is a scam.  There is a pantheon of grifters ranging from the dangerous, powerful Vulgarmort to s host of lesser luminaries of varying malevolence.  Among these lesser luminaries is one Vincent Fusca, a kinda grubby guy in a silly hat who has become a minor celebrity among the lunatic fringe of the MAGA movement:

Well, he DOES look like he's been through a plane crash...  He's mostly harmless, though he did crash his special Trump van and tried to grift 50K from the rubes.  His real schtick is going to Trump rallies and trying to score with MAGA Mamas of a certain age:

I can't blame a guy with trying to get some action, as long as everybody is a consenting adult.

Now, Fusca has decided to throw his stupid, ubiquitous hat into the ring as a state senatorial candidate in his native Pennsylvania:

I don't think he'll get very far because he's a mush-mouthed, mush-brained hobo, but there's always a chance- I mean, the US elected a doughy, mush-brained carnival barker as president.  Here's to you, Vincent Fusca, for taking the grift to the next level.  If I had a stupid hat, I'd tip it to you.


Glen Tomkins said...

The surest sign that your country has entered a Time of Troubles is the appearance of a False Dimitry.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Ouch. There are a couple of fake JFR Jrs out there, backed by various factions.