Sunday, January 16, 2022

Things Returning to Normal

Today, I received a phone call from one of my subordinates, who informed me that he would be able to return to work tomorrow after being out for two weeks with COVID.  Last week, my other subordinate returned to work after his two week bout with COVID.  It looks like I will actually be able to get the requisite number of days off this week, indeed for weeks to come.

Oddly enough, Ginger is the one who is out now.  She's staying at the apartment of one of our managers, who was concerned that she was constipated, and wanted to observe her, uh, elimination functions.  I'm happy to say that she is fine.  It's not a bad thing that she's on vacation, though- we've had frigid temperatures (6F, -14C, with negative wind chills) lately and tonight into tomorrow morning, we are supposed to get a 'wintry mix' of snow, sleet, and rain.  There's no fun in going on the scout in those conditions... even I am not too keen on it, despite breaking out the flannel-lined pants and layering garments.

Of course, my greatest source of relief is knowing that everybody, two legged and four legged, is doing fine.