Monday, January 10, 2022

Greatly Relieved, Little Bit Peeved

This year has been pretty cruddy so far, beginning with both of my subordinates on the job testing positive for COVID and having to quarantine.  On a hunch, I contacted both of them today to see how they were progressing.  One of them will be unable to return until next Monday, the other one had big news...

"Oh, I'm coming in today."

"When were you planning on telling me this?"

I don't know why he hadn't informed me that he was cleared to return to work.  I am grateful for the fact that I was finally able to take a day off, but a little advanced notice would have been nice.  As it was, I had to go to my workplace to drop off the departmental phone and pick up my laptop, which I had kept in a locker, having no need for it at a home in which I wasn't spending much time.  I now have to reconfigure the schedule, now that I won't have to work any overtime.

I am greatly relieved that my long slog is now over, but I am peeved at having to make so many changes on such short notice.  I'm sure my coworker is a bit confused about how I feel, but my annoyance will pass.  Hell, just the fact that I am able to stay home on the first truly frigid night of the winter is a relief.  I did buy a pair of flannel lined pants on the drive home, though.

With any luck, things will be totally back to normal next week.


Richard said...

This might be good news. Maybe?

By any chance, are you the guy who composed the infamous ditty

His name is Chris Key

He drinks his own pee?

That was pretty funny. 100 percent funny. Hang in there.

Ali Redford said...

Well, I'm glad your co-worker is well. I'm a person who tries to (broadly) plan most moments during an extra busy spell (and even then I have Plans B!) so I get the peeved-ness, and I know you're glad they're well, too. I hope your evening was/is warm and restorative!

And that ditty does bring the giggles!