Monday, January 17, 2022

The Annual MLK Day Spectacle

I'm old enough to remember when Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Day wasn't a national holiday... in fact, even so-called moderate, sensible Republicans were opposed to dedicating a national holiday to one of those people.  African-American friends of mine would celebrate in a solemn fashion,with church services, prayer and award breakfasts, and days of community service.  Thankfully, the holiday, probably because it occurs during a month in which the weather is inclement, hasn't been co-opted by commercial interests.  Oddly enough, there is a half-assed attempt to on the part of reactionary elements to grab some stolen valor on this day.

Via Tengrain, we have a coordinated effort started by Lauren Windsor to push back against any opponents of voting rights legislation who invoke MLK's name on this day:

She has been very active today, and you should check out her chastisements of various bad actors who are engaging in hypocrisy today. Perhaps the most grotesque commemoration of the day came from the FBI:

We all know how pro-MLK the FBI was while King was alive. On some level, I get it... the safely dead, safely silent King has passed into sainthood, and can be safely invoked, even by people who's entire careers have been trying to roll back the gains King was able to wrest from the reactionary culture. 

The one thing that has long puzzled me is the fact that the Feds considered African-Americans, who have been loyal citizens of a society which has marginalized them, less authentically American that the supporters of a culture which actively engaged in treason against the United States. Looking at the events of the past year and a half, this still puzzles me. 

That being said, have a nice, contemplative MLK Day, and don't forget to call out those creeps who would try to bogart Dr King's legacy.

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Richard said...

Since these so called Republicans have no shame, i will have to do it for them. I don't know why they even bother to pretend and lie like this. One of the things Martin Luther King jr fought for was voting rights. He was a complicated man but he was a leader. It is just disgusting the way these no- account lying thieves pretend to honor him. Disgusting.