Thursday, January 6, 2022

We All Saw What Happened

I am just catching up on the 1/6 anniversary coverage, starting with the executive branch speech regarding the insurrection (via Tengrain).  It was a masterstroke to have VP Kamala Harris, who was present in the Capitol, take the mic first.  President Biden hit the proper righteous notes, and excoriated the wannabe dictator who urged the crowd to BE WILD!

The Republicans have been trying to paint the insurrection as an Antifa/BLM plot to make Trumpers look bad, or a Deep State plot, led by Wray's FBI, to restore the globalist Cabal.  This is, of course, when they aren't portraying imprisoned rioters as political prisoners, innocent victims of an oppressive Democratic regime.  The dualism, or cognitive dissonance, is best illustrated by insane MAGA cartoonist Ben Garrison's commentary, a dipshit diptych:

Attempts to obfuscate the real history, to deflect blame from the real perpetrators, are particularly galling.  The 1/6 perpetrators livestreamed the invasion, they posted about the attack on social media. the dummies' smartphones recorded their locations.  We know who they are, and we know what they did, and what they tried to do.

Enough about these idiots, and the Republicans who aided and abetted them (hopefully, they will have a day of reckoning when the 1/6 committee gets going in earnest).  There were heroes that day, such as Capitol Police Officer Goodman, a good man who defeated a thousand bad men, using his wits to misdirect them.  There are also the Sedition Hunters, the global network of amateur sleuths who track down the coup plotters using open sources, often piecing together a rioter's identity through a tattoo or a distinctive garment (the hunt for Bullhorn Lady reads like a a thriller novel).

I don't want to see 1/6 become a national day of remembrance, because it will be twisted by right-wingers into a celebration of the stupid, manipulated people who tried to force an abnegation of democracy, on behalf of a failed businessman, carnival barker/reality TV host with dictatorial aspirations.  Never forget, but don't play into the hands of revisionists.


Richard said...

I am having a bad feeling about this.

It seems normal that we should be talking about those fucked up fascist politics. It is not normal.

Do you remember, just a few months ago, they were all talking about critical race theory?

They moved on to another tool. They dropped it like a hot fascist potato.

These people are not to be trusted.

Buttermilk Sky said...

It was Biden's best speech yet but why did he deliver it at nine o'clock in the morning? No network would give him prime time?