Saturday, January 15, 2022

A to Z, Soup to Nuts... Oh, Just Nuts

I've been working graveyard shifts all week, so I've been doing my sleeping in the daytime,  Today, I woke up and decided to check in on coverage of Vulgarmort's rally in Arizona.  I'm not interested in the headliner, who I know will merely repeat his mantras about fake news and a stolen election (with an occasional new bit of mind-numbing nonsense), my real interest lies in the weirdos and morons who decided to brave the omicron surge in order to attend a superspreader event in which their idol will play the greatest hits.  I can't say these people let me down.

One of the intrepid reporters covering this event is Dallas-based Steven Monacelli, who is covering the rally for Rolling Stone magazine.  When told the press area was full, and he had to leave, he simply walked in the general entrance, which I imagine had a sign reading lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate over it... I feel his pain, but look forward to reading his coverage.

As is typical Acyn Torabi and Aaron Rupar are doing a bang-up job covering the speeches, such as this return of a crowd-pleasing theme of Trump rallies since 2016.  

Several QAnon researchers are also on the case.  The anonymous Hot Tub Twin caught an opener in full Q-mode, talking about a psy op using black op operation and black out information.  I'm going to have to incorporate 'black op operation' into my everyday vocabulary.  He also caught an interview in which a MAGA drone said Gavin Newsome had been executed at Gitmo and replaced by a clone.  Podcaster Julian Feeld caught a Hotep weirdo talking about Trump being a 'good European gentile' and a reincarnation of King Cyrus.  His cohost Travis View highlighted the second weird Trump statue I've seen at a right-wing event.  Australian QAnon watcher 2022 Karma is keeping tabs of the weirdos who have been awaiting JFK's arrival in Dallas since November, who road-tripped out to see their God Emperor.

The weird thing about today is that this rally isn't the only right-wing event taking place in Arizona this weekend... the intrepid woman behind the Arizona Right Wing Watch account covered an anti-vaccine Reawaken America rally in which attendees harassed students at an adjacent school.  She is also covering the Trump rally.

Looking at this coverage, I have to say that the MAGA rank-and-file, the remnant of True Believers, actually appear to be getting more crazy in their devotion to a counterfactual narrative.  I'd like to believe their numbers are shrinking, and I imagine some of the unvaxxed attendees of these superspreader events will be vexed sorely by omicron, but they are still capable of mischief.  As I noted, I'll be working the graveyard shift in a little over an hour-and-a-half, and I have some weird horror videos to watch in the quiet pre-dawn hours.


Richard said...

I can't comment. I never say anything when i am with them. They want to kill me. Maybe they will kill themselves.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

They seem to be doing a good job of it with their vaccine-avoiding, pee-drinking ways.