Thursday, January 20, 2022

COVID in Retreat? I'm Still Avoiding Engagement

The New York metropolitan area was hit hard by the omicron variant of COVID.  Anecdotally, I can state that I know a dozen people who were laid up for a week by the disease.  Thankfully, everyone was vaccinated, so the worst symptoms they reported were similar to influenza- upper respiratory tract soreness and muscle fatigue.  

The reports are now coming in that COVID is 'in retreat' in the region: breakthrough infections and outbreaks among the unvaccinated have dropped by half, in my immediate vicinity cases have dropped by 30%Vaccines reduce the incidence of transmission, the incidence of hospitalization among the infected, and the incidence of death among the hospitalized... currently, 86.6% of New Yorkers have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 73.3% have been fully vaccinated.  

Even with COVID 'in retreat', I believe that discretion being the better part of valor, I will remain hunkered down and bunkered down for a while.  I really don't need to let my guard down while the omicron wave is ebbing, but not entirely receded.  I have plans to meet friends from out of state next week, at their ancestral homestead in Yonkers, but I have no desire to hit a restaurant or bar for a sit-down meal.  I've managed to navigate the pandemic fairly well so far, and with the chronic staffing issues at work, I really don't need to be out of commission for two weeks because I let my guard down.


Richard said...

It is a big pain in the ass. I plan to also hunker down until March. After 2 years of this, i don't know what will happen next.

I have learned almost nothing. This includes

Don't trust Jesus people

Don't trust Proud Boys

Don't trust Q people

Don't trust Republicans.

It sounds harsh,but i don't want to live with them.

Ten Bears said...

Been through two years of hunkering down, two months is easy ...

Ali Redford said...

Yep. Better safe than sorry. It's what we're doing, too.

So after saying that, I read a nice piece last night in Refinery 29, discussing the shame of catching COVID after doing everything as correctly as possible. I think it's an important message to reiterate; COVID's going to COVID as long as there are stubborn, unvaxxed, and inconsiderate people running around, and it's not a careful, vaxxed person's fault if COVID takes hold despite caution. My PSA for the day. Happy Friday!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Stay healthy, everybody!