Friday, March 26, 2021

Yet Another Trash Take from the Times

 I take no pleasure in saying this, but the New York Times is trash.  That's a hard thing to say, sitting down with the Sunday Times, reading the bulk of it and doing the crossword puzzle, used to be a great way to spend a Sunday morning nursing a hangover.  It even took on the form of a ritual- we'd go to a local Borders Books (remember when they still existed?) to buy the paper, and browse for other reading material. 

One day, unshaven and hung over, I said to my brother Vin's army buddy Whiskey Joe, "Some people have yahooism thrust upon them, they have no choice but to be a yahoo.  We choose to be yahoos, we're educated, sophisticated yahoos."   Thus was born the Educated Yahoos Club, membership whoever was around to buy and read the NYT while hung over.  Yeah, reading the Times was a pleasure, until a decades-long run of trashy journalism (hello, Iraq War!) and trashier opinion columns (hello, Brooks et al.)  convinced me to give up the paper cold turkey.  Not even Will Shortz could bring me back into the fold.

I have no regrets about giving up the NYT, I mean look at this garbage:

A looming glut of vaccines?  How the hell could this be couched as a dilemma by a sane person acting in good faith?  Sure, it's about a future time, perhaps in the summer, when vaccine production is in overdrive, but Christ, I haven't been able to find a vaccination site since I became eligible earlier this week.  Why even talk of future gluts until everybody in the 'States gets their pokes?   The framing is also some nationalist garbage- what is described as a 'glut' really means an opportunity to ship vaccine doses to developing countries, to help out Brazil, or Chile, or Angola... wherever.  Maybe a concerted effort to get the vaccine distributed globally would help restore our standing in the world.  Needles, not drones!

The framing is trash, and I really suspect less-than-above-board reasons for it... merely hinting that high vaccine production levels pose a 'dilemma' for the current administration is monstrous.

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Now Am Found! said...

imho if we want to be world leaders again it is our duty, we are obliged to donate vaccines.