Thursday, March 11, 2021

I Voted Against It, But I'm Taking Credit for It

 Republicans... is there any broad category of more despicable human beings?  President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, a bill which passed with no Republican support.  There are a couple of strategies that elected Republicans are using to respond to this popular policy- the McConnell strategy is to pre-emptively claim that an economic boom was inevitable and the stimulus bill will only add to the national debt, which wasn't an issue when the Trump tax cuts for plutocrats were pushed through.  Rick Scott even exhorted Republican governors to eschew the stimulus money, also claiming to care about the debt, but we all know that Red State governments never refuse to take money from Blue State taxpayers.

Even more cynically, Republicans such as Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker are taking credit for relief funds earmarked for independent restaurant owners.  No thanks, to you, Rog, you asshole... there were no Republican votes for this bill.

Republicans have a knack for taking credit for popular measures that they oppose.  A decade ago, the big joke was that you'd know that Obamacare was successful when Republicans stop calling it Obamacare.  Likewise, they will try to diminish Biden's role in getting this legislation past a Democratic Congress.  Sadly, the so-called liberal mainstream media will probably give these toolburgers a pass on false claims about relief bills.  Thankfully, the current Democratic regime has signaled that it is done with trying to make deals with Republicans... bipartisanship really isn't desired by anybody outside the media bubble.  Now they need to ensure that Republican opposition to this bill gets tied around the Republicans' necks like a goddamn millstone.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad I came out of four years of Trump as such a cynical bitch but but that change makes me realize you are right on!

Ali Redford said...

I second Bonnie.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I have to say, Biden and the Democratic congress are really exceeding my expectations.