Thursday, March 25, 2021

News Break, Current Earworm

I figured I needed a bit of a break today, because the news is uniformly stupid and my personal life is pretty much in stasis... the one thing I accomplished all week was picking up two new pairs of glasses.  For the record, I haven't received a single item of mail all week, and an waiting for several important items which should have arrived by now if there were a functioning postal service at this time.  I just feel like I'm spinning my wheels, going to work, checking the mailbox fruitlessly, perusing the NY State Department of Health website to see if there are any vaccines available withing a hundred miles (I just became eligible for a vaccine this week). 

It's time to post a music video, and the song Mother Sky by krautrock legends Can has been my earworm for the past couple of weeks.  My last Can post was just about three years ago, so I figure I'm overdue.  Mother Sky was featured on the soundtrack of the 1970 film Deep End, and it is a marvel of progressive rock, clocking in at over fifteen minutes:



For the record, I like both kinds of music, songs by Damo Suzuki and songs about Damo Suzuki.

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Richard said...

Just go ahead and get your vaccine. It is not scary. We have survived so many terrible things. I had my first dose March 11. No problem. Now i have to get the 2nd one.
I don't care. All of my people just live here. We understand that we will die. This is why we have strong opinions.
We know that we are important.