Tuesday, March 9, 2021

But Democrats Are the Real Racists!!!

 One of the 'axioms' of the right-wing is the false narrative that Democrats are the real racists.  This narrative completely ignores the policy realignment that occurred during the Southern Strategy, that Republican outreach effort targeting white southerners who opposed the Civil Rights movement.  Conservative pundits are infamous for claiming that historians suppress the history of the pre-1960s Democratic party, but are laughed out of the room by real scholars.  Yes, the Democratic party was the political home of pro-slavery politicians in the 19th century and pro-segregation politicians in the first half of the 20th century, but which party in the 21st century is defending Confederate monuments?

Democrats are the real racists... and that is why Republicans are running racially charged attack ads against two women of color nominated for top jobs at the Department of Justice.  It's a cynical ad, showing pictures of fires set during riots, and describing a push to commute all federal death sentences as as benefiting white supremacists and terrorists.  The ad is particularly grotesque in the aftermath of the January 6th insurgency, in which MAGAs killed a police officer and assaulted numerous others.  The very idea that the GOP is the party of 'Law and Order' is a farce at this juncture in the space/time continuum.

My personal feeling is that, while not a great solution, if Joe Biden has to push through nominees without confirmation, to stack his cabinet and various agencies with 'acting' personnel, so be it.  Trump filled numerous high-level jobs without Senate confirmation, so a precedent (not an ideal one, to be sure) has been set.  Let the GOP run race-baiting ads against nominees of color, there's no need to answer these charges.  Tie that racism millstone around the necks of Republicans who don't disavow these tactics.

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