Thursday, March 4, 2021

Stupid Inauguration Day

 March 4th is pretty much a done deal, here on the Eastern seaboard... today was the day when Trump dead-ender conspiracy theorists believed that Joe Biden would be arrested and Donald Trump would be inaugurated as the 19th president of the United States.  It's a convoluted belief, rooted in a conviction that the United States ceased to be a nation in 1871, and transformed into a corporation, with Ulysses S Grant being the last 'real' president of the United States.

As a short primer regarding this bizarre conspiracy theory, I recommend watch QAnon Anonymous Podcast host Travis View's brief explanation of this intersection between MAGA cult tenets and sovereign citizen legalese:

Thankfully, none of the militia groups that were suspected of trying to storm the Capitol again met in DC. I think it's a case of post 1/6 jitters... Stupid Icarus flew too close to the sun, the public saw what a right-wing insurrection looks like, and any popular support for a re-installation of Trump is now toxic. Also, playing a 'Call of Duty' LARP just isn't fun when there are thousands of National Guard troops in DC... these people would prefer to shoot unarmed targets. 

Meanwhile, with the anonymous 'Q' having been absent since December of last year, many of the 'influencers' trying to grab control of the narrative had backed off of the 3/4/2021 prophecy, claiming that plans for an insurrection were a false flag to further discredit Trump supporters. QAnon debunker Mike Rains is discussing the dissention among the Q-influencers tonight. Thankfully, nothing occurred today... a lot of militia adherents were arrested in the aftermath of the 1/6 insurrection, and DC is crawling with troops and a Capitol police force which won't be taken unaware again. This is not the sort of odds that cowards would find acceptable. 

The one disquieting thing about the whole 3/4 lunacy is the intersection of the QAnon belief system and sovereign citizen orthodoxy. These communities have intersected before, but not on this fundamental level. These groups are increasingly subsuming white evangelical churches, creating a monolithic, conspiracy-obsessed Right, which bodes ill for our society.  

ADDENDUM: One of the best reporters on this issue is CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, who comes across as nothing so much as a foreign anthropologist, venturing into the ungovernable hinterlands to see out the charming folk beliefs of the authochthones.

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