Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Human Trafficking Is Evil!!! Except When Our Guy Does It

 The central tenet of the QAnon conspiracy theory is that a powerful cabal of well-connected individuals is engaged in human trafficking, specifically for the purposes of the sexual exploitation of underage persons, with the loonier proponents of the theory claiming that the children's blood is harvested for adrenochrome, oxidized epinephrine, which can be obtained by letting an epi-pen go bad.  So pernicious is this human trafficking that giant cargo ships full of trafficked children loom large in the conspiracy narrative.

Given the premise of QAnon, the trafficking of children by powerful elites, one would think that the QCumbers would be ecstatic about the FBI's allegations that Congresscreep Matt Gaetz trafficked an underage girl across state lines.  This is right in their wheelhouse- a powerful figure gets caught with a young girl he is sexually involved with... this is exactly what they have been harping on since October 2017.

The warning signs were there (besides Gaetz' DUIs), his was the sole vote against a human trafficking bill.  Nevertheless, the Q people are defending Gaetz because he is on 'their team'.  These people also defended Trump's friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, both serial sex traffickers.  Despite all of their 'Save the Children' rhetoric, these people never cared about real victims.  Accusations of sexual misconduct are to used as a cudgel to attack their perceived enemies, nothing more.  They are incensed about Hillary Clinton trafficking fictional mole children, tunnel tots, and boat babies, but they don't care one whit about the real girls exploited by Matt Gaetz (or Donald Trump himself, for that matter).

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