Sunday, March 14, 2021

Have an Irrational Pi Day

 Here's wishing everyone an irrational Pi Day.  I'm sorry to say that I didn't participate in any mathematical activities, nor did I eat any pie... though the local butcher makes really good steak-and-kidney ones.  To be honest, I make a decent steak-and-kidney pie myself.  The typical family pie, though, has got to be a simple lamb pie that my sainted grandmother used to make, but on the rare occasions I make one, I use a fair amount of garlic, which she wouldn't have put in there.  As far as dessert 'pies' go, there are a couple of places I go to for Portugese egg tarts, which are also popular in China.

Alas, no pie for me... I worked the graveyard shift and, by the time I crossed the threshold of my apartment, I was pretty knackered so I slept all the doo-dah day.  I assure you, though, as I slept, I dreamed of Pi, trying to calculate this most crucial of irrational numbers to as many digits as I could.


DocAmazing said...

There is a bar in San Francisco at 314 Valencia Street, and it is, por supuesto, the Pi Bar. they have a big blowout every Thirteenth of March. They make pizzas there of course, 'cuz no opportunity for cheap laffs should every be missed.

Al said...

This my pie, there many like it but this one is mine.

John said...

The cool thing about Pi is you can move it around in an equation and not leave anything behind!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

That Pi Bar sounds like nerdy fun.

I'm curious about your Pie, Al

Not leave anything behind, John? That's a no-leftovers pie!