Saturday, March 13, 2021

Yankee Joe of Old Mayo

This being the runup to the solemn feast of St Patrick, I figured I'd post a song on this quiet Saturday.  I've noted before that, if he were to visit beautiful Yonkers, I would gladly sing Fields of Athenry to Joe Biden, who is proud of his Irish heritage, and specifically his family's roots in County Mayo.  Via the Twitter feed of CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, I found a cute little ditty about the man and his roots:


 The tune of the song is reminiscent of the rebel song The Rising of the Moon, which is appropriate, seeing that Biden toppled an authoritarian regime in the making:  

On a more melancholy note, when Joe Biden visited Mayo about four years ago, a local band, keenly aware of the bereavements that he had suffered, sang the ballad The Briar and the Rose to their beloved diaspora son:


If President Biden ever decided to visit the City of Y______, I'm sure he'd get the same sort of treatment.

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