Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Q Sent Him!!!

One of the more bizarre (and that is saying something) stories of the week is the tale of an armed loon attacking a convoy of Texas National Guard personnel transporting COVID vaccines and holding them at gunpoint.  The perpetrator tried to force the vans in the convoy off the road, then blocked their progress and held the passengers captive until the police took him into custody.

The crazy thing about this incident is that, although the convoy was transporting vaccines, the attacker was not motivated by an anti-vaccination sentiment... he actually believed that the uniformed guard personnel had kidnapped a woman and a child.  I immediately thought that the individual was motivated by the QAnon narrative of child trafficking networks-  this attack on the convoy was basically the 'Mole Children' conspiracy in microcosm.  

The QAnon conspiracy adherents have had a history of low-level violence since almost the beginning, a history of violence overshadowed by the mass-shootings that occur with disturbing regularity- the very story I am commenting on was driven from the headlines by a massacre in Boulder.  I have a sinking feeling that this low-grade violence will be perpetrated by the more impressionable 'anons' for the foreseeable future.

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