Sunday, March 21, 2021

Stumbling in the Home Stretch?

 Ah, Florida... the Land of Bad Ideas... you are now one of the epicenters of the plague.  Not only is the home of the Former Guy a COVID-19 hotspot (as was his old home), but Spring Break crowds have descended on South Florida, eschewing social distancing, masking, and curfews.  In Miami Beach, the police shot pepper balls into a crowd in an effort to get people to disperse, a case of local authorities having to take action because the state government took a hands-off approach.  While some news outlets have characterized DeSantis as being successful, the situation is less rosy, and the State Health Department reported lower death tolls than medical examiners did, so the medical examiners were told not to release statistics.

Despite what some random clown says, COVID is not over.  The vaccine rollout is proceeding apace, this is no time to congregate in maskless crowds, getting drunk, and passing along pathogens, whether STI's or not.  This isn't a case of stumbling in the home stretch, it's a case of voluntarily throwing the race.

ADDENDUM: That's not to say that the fact that the authorities cracked down harder on Spring Break revelers harder than they did on Capitol invaders isn't totally messed up.

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