Friday, March 2, 2018

Another Bomb... Cyclone, That Is

Tuesday was a glorious day in the City of Y______. I spent some time strolling around the neighborhood, running errands. While perambulating, I ran into a neighbor and we chatted about the beautiful weather, and I pessimistically noted that winter wasn't over, and that last year a blizzard had hit just before the Solemn Feast of St Patrick. Now, a mere three days later, we are getting hit by the second bomb cyclone of this winter, a classic Nor'easter which is dumping a lot of rain on the region, and might end up as a snowstorm. Gale force winds are expected.

On the job, we have erected flood barriers in the basement of our low-lying office building, and other buildings have been sandbagged prophylactically. Ginger is on vacation at a manager's place. I don't have to be in until the graveyard shift, but I will coordinate with the gentleman working the afternoon/evening shift in case the roads are a godawful mess, necessitating a shift swap so neither of us is caught in dangerous road conditions. I will also play going to Manhattan for the volunteer gig by ear- if it's a total mess, I'll take a day off.

The real kick in the pants here is that there are harbingers of Spring- most notably, I have heard my beloved killdeer chattering up a storm in several locations... I guess I can blame them for this storm?

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