Thursday, March 1, 2018

One Two Three Four, I Want a Trade War!

This guy, this fucking guy- Trump wants to impose hefty tariffs on aluminum and steel, prompting calls for retaliation from allies such as Canada and the EU and wreaking havoc on the stock market. Isn't it great to have a businessman in charge of the country? It takes a special kind of moron to get the United States involved in a conflict with Canada, of all places... just wait until he renegotiates NAFTA.

The GOP congresscritters don't seem to be digging it, it's another crime against the Free Market, not that Republicans really believe in it. At any rate, I imagine the 'Heartland' base will be pissed off if the price of a sixpack goes up because of this- though, truth be told, Joe Sixpack usually gets dinged by Republican economic policy.

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mikey said...

This is ridiculously amusing to me.

The Republicans have always been the party of trade, against tariffs, and DON'T TOUCH MY GUNS.

In one week, Trump has stood their policy making on its head.

Now nobody knows WHAT they're for...