Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Twice in a Week?

For the second time in less than a week, the NYC metro area is getting hit by a nor'easter. This one is differing from the last one because it is bringing snow to the region- in my locality, perhaps up to a foot. As I was cleaning off my car for the drive home, I saw a flash of lightning, so thundersnow is go.

I left for work four hours early in order to beat the worst of the weather and the mad homeward rush of most commuters. It took about an hour for me to get to work, about thirty-five minutes longer than usual. My plan, as is typical, is to shelter in place overnight, then head home when the coast is clear tomorrow, most likely traveling via public transportation. I already touched base with the boss to let him know that I am here to keep an eye on things.

It should be a quiet night for the most part... I don't expect anybody to stop by except for our plowing contractor. Ginger is enjoying a 'vacation' at the house of one of our managers. For most of the time, it'll be me, the wind and snow, and whatever trees decide to drop in. My standard line about the job is that it's very cushy except when it's not, and tonight will firmly be in the 'not' column. I have always been up front about this to the boss- I make no bones about spending summer nights on the job reading, playing with the cat, and generally enjoying myself... it's the scary nights when I 'pay my dues', and I just happen to be paying double this month.

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